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        1. Welcome to YITONG CORPORATIONWelcome to YITONG
          Online Order Tracking System

          Yitong and subsidiary products

          We will by virtue of advanced production equipment and technology, science and art of management, superb technical team, adhere to the efficient, fast, to management innovation, technological innovation, product innovation, create brilliant achievements for a better tomorrow.

          Thank all our customers to Yitong strong support of more than a decade

          The company's main business is rapidly expanding, and to the development of high-end customers, with a number of world-renowned large customers, such as Timken (China) Co., Ltd.
          Schaeffler (China) Co., Ltd. Atlas Coptic, Jiangsu TWB Bearing Co., Ltd. and the like.

          Quality assurance

          I am strong technical force, advanced technology, improve the means of detection, product quality meet or exceed national standards,
          "Quality of a reputation, management for efficiency, honesty and dedication" as its purpose, the full implementation and good operation to provide a strong guarantee for the production of high quality products.

          "Quality of a reputation, management for
          efficiency, honesty and dedication" as its
          purpose, ISO9001: 2014, ISO / TS16949: 2014,
          etc. Quality management system
          certification and the full...
          Our company produces well-equipped, strong
          technical force, with a sample cutting machine
          & sample inlay machine, sample mill,
          Rockwell hardness, sub-meter steel,
          Brinell hardness, metallographic...
          Raw material incoming inspection →
          Inspection operating instructions Process
          Control operating instructions form →
          process control process control CPK
          analysis table → final inspection...